Lanyu was established in 1977 in the form of partnership and as one of the pioneers of gear manufacturers in Singapore. It was incorporated and renamed to Lanyu Engineering Pte Ltd in 2011.

Over the past 40 years, Lanyu has not only grown into a gear specialist, providing both customised and stock gear, but has also expanded its production capacity to provide its customers with hassle free one-stop in-house services, ranging from supplying of material, machining, milling, slotting to gear cutting and hardening.

As of today, Lanyu has 22 gear manufacturing machines and 26 supporting machines including CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Wirecut, Induction Hardening, Grit Sand Blasting, Grinding Machines and still counting. We have 25 committed personnel to serve all your gearing needs and requirements.

We have tight quality regime of the materials used in our production subject to in-house quality control process and product checks. Besides maintaining our products’ quality, Lanyu continually co-operate in collaboration with end users to constantly understand user experience, concerns, adaptions and needs in an ever changing and competitive environment.

We look forward to provide our customers the best product and services that others will talk about.