Lanyu’s advanced engineering and design methodologies deliver innovative, real world solutions that enable you to meet your efficiency, profitability, productivity and sustainability objectives. We provide the technical expertise, unique engineering strategy and seamless management that together deliver exceptional results. Here’s what makes the inertia different: We engage our clients and technical partners in the design process with advanced collaborative communication and project management tools. We encourage continual development and use of the latest engineering and design tools and combine them with our team’s advanced skills and knowledge to effectively deliver results for our clients. We rely on facts and systematic decision-making tools to guide the design process.

Our Services

  • Gear Cutting – We’re specialist in gears cutting – take a look of our products list and some of the gears that we make are listed below:

    Pinion Gears
    Rack Gears
    Bevel Gears
    Worm Wheels & Screw
    Helical Gears
    Spline Shafts
    Internal Ring Gears
    Timing Pulley
    Chain Sprocket Gears
    Double Step Pinion
    Ratchet Wheels
    Gear Box Overhaul
    Spur Gears – 1/4″ to 50″ or 6 mm to 1300 mm / 96″ DP to 1″ DP / 0.2 to 25 Module

  • Grinding
  • Sand Blasting